Tijaria Polypipes Ltd.


Under one roof, Tijaria has to its account the production of a huge range of products starting from the pipelines to all the extensive accessories aiding their products. May it be the fittings, tools or any smallest possible accessory… you think it, we make it!! Their high-tech work-arena is beautified with the most sophisticated machinery from the brands like Kolsite in collaboration with Bettenfield and Windsor in collaboration with DGP.

Tijaria's ingenious production procedure is equipped with generous quality control measures. The in-house testing services employ several dexterous operators and engineers for the quality control and for that matter Tijaria has a well-equipped laboratory too. Here the quality control cell puts supreme quality checks at three stages- raw material, online production, and the finished product stages, ensuring perfection and flawlessness. With a huge storage space for raw material as well as finished products, Tijaria occupies a handsome industrial area at a posh Sitapura locality in Jaipur, India. Tijaria's research and development cell helps us qualify for both domestic and international market's expectations.

With a perfect hold on the business and the market, and the impressive infrastructure they offer their customers the most competitive prices and quality.

Quality Control :

Tests carried out at Tijaria for :

  • Dimensional & visual Inspection.
  • Tensile Strength at yield & Elongation at break.
  • Reversion.
  • Environmental Stress Crack Resistance.
  • Impact Strength.
  • Crush Resistance.
  • Oxidation Induction Time (Thermal Analysis).
  • Hydraulic Characteristics.
  • Internal Coefficient of Friction.
  • Density of the inner layer.
  • Thickness of the inner layer.
  • Sulphated Ash content of the duct.
  • Fading of colors of ducts.
  • Pulling force on duct joined by coupler.
  • M.F.I of duct.
  • Density of duct.
  • Wall thickness.
  • Opacity.
  • Vicat softening temperature.
  • Resistance to external blow at 0°C temperature.
  • Effect on water.

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