Chairman's Message


Chairman's Message

Tijaria Polypipes Ltd. Mr. Ramesh Jain Tijaria
Chairman- Tijaria group

Mr. Ramesh Jain Tijaria (The Chairman)

Three basic principles constitute the core of the Tijaria Polypipes Limited to provide value and service to our valuable customers by offering quality merchandise, corporate dedication and commitment to business ethics. Especially, for us quality matter as we are exporting not only our products but our country’s reputation also. We lead with a vision, which is dynamically matched with these three basic principles.

The goodwill of the clients and the motivation of the professionals inspire us to enter into a new era of prosperity.

The directors are ushering the group into a new level of excellence, and we visualize a better world for everyone. Tijaria Polypipes Limited is committed to contribute into the development of the nation by generating more and more revenues through its ambitious ventures.

Finally, I wish to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the distinguished board of directors, employees, and customers, who constitute an important part of the continued success of Tijaria Polypipes Limited.

Tijaria Polypipes Ltd.

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