CPVC Piping System


CPVC Hot & Cold Water Piping System

Superior Performance
CPVC from Tijaria Polypipes Ltd. sets a tough new standard for performance in hot and cold water plumbing systems. With an advanced, new chemical formula, CPVC solves many of the problems of both copper and conventional CPVC, while delivering exceptional value.

CPVC is resistant to low-pH water, coastal salt air or corrosive soil. It also offers several other outstanding benefits:

  • Economical than traditional pipe material.
  • Full, unrestricted water flow.
  • Extremely cost-effective pricing.
  • Cement fusing.
  • Excellent heat retention.
  • Very quiet operation.

On the jobsite and on the job, Tijaria Polypipes offers builders and plumbers, the finest hot and cold water plumbing system on the market today.

Tougher Than Copper
Copper plumbing has been used for decades despite several inherent problems. It is subject to the corrosion and pitting caused by harsh water. It does not meet NSF Standard 6I. And it also exhibits low heat retention, condensation, noisy operation and susceptibility to damage during installation. Finally, its price is quite volatile. Vectus CPVC solves each and every one of these problems.

Tougher Than PEX
Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) is a relative newcomer to plumbing applications and it offers many advantages. But many PEX products are something of a compromise. They vary widely in compound formulation, processing methods and performance. These problems are caused primarily by unreliable raw materials and production technologies. Many PEX products also suffer from varying materials, multiple standards, building-code questions, expensive tools and confusing repair-and-assembly methods. But that’s not all. Water flow may be restricted by insert fittings and tube I.D. Again, Vectus CPVC suffers none of these drawbacks.

More Impact Resistance - Fewer Installation Problems
Although conventional CPVC has a forty-year track record of reliable, trouble-free performance, it’s not perfect. It is susceptible to damage during the installation process, especially when sustaining an impact of approximately seventeen foot-pounds or more. And even though conventional CPVC has a very high burst pressure, it is also more brittle, which can also result in damage.

Unfortunately, this damage is usually not discovered until the piping is pressure tested at inspection. And that means unnecessary delays and frustration for contractors.

Enter CPVC. Fabricated using a new, state-of-the-art chemical formulation, CPVC offers exceptional performance for more trouble-free installation.

Simply put, CPVC offers greater durability to withstand the knocks and blows that piping is often subjected to in the field. Just as important, it cuts more cleanly in cold temperatures.

  • Exceptional all weather corrosion resistance even against harshest of water conditions and most acids and alkalis
  • Resistant to scaling and pitting
  • Resistant to chlorine normally used to treat water in India
  • No electrolytic corrosion
  • Tough, rigid material withstands field abuses and requires minimum anchorage/supports
  • High temperature and pressure bearing capacity maintained throughout life
  • Lowest bacterial growth compared to any other plumbing system
  • Self-extinguishing in case of fire
  • Low smoke generation
  • Negligible leaching of foreign particles into water ensuring unaffected water quality
  • Does not require electricity or welding torch during installation eliminating risk of fire or accidents on site
  • Smooth bore and 100% water carrying capacity over life due to no depositions
  • ResistantLow thermal expansion than any alternate plastic system
  • Very low thermal conductivity ensures hot water remains hot
  • Very low noise due to reduced water hammer problems
  • High impact strength even in low temperature conditions
  • Can be installed and operated in all weather conditions
  • Pressure and temperature bearing capacity remains unaffected even after long solar and UV radiation exposure
  • Low initial investment & Lowest possible lifetime ownership cost
  • Very high energy efficiency due to insulating properties
  • Easy and considerably fast installation even in tight, cramped places requiring minor investment in tools
  • Long term price stability
  • Adds to homes resale value in addition to better realization for builders
  • 100% recyclable material having added environmental benefit
  • Similar flow and pressure rating with smaller pipe size compared to alternate systems
Pipe Temperature
Pressure Rating
(PSI) (kg/cm2)
SDR 11 23 400 28.1
82 100 7.0
SDR 13.5 23 320 22.5
82 80 5.6
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