Mink Blankets


Mink Blankets

We at Tijaria Polypipes Limited (Blanket Division) manufacture and fabricate Polyester Mink Blankets and have developed unmatched expertise in providing mink blankets as per the given specifications of our valued customers.

We offer various kinds of mink blankets such as: Elegant Mink Blankets | Funky Mink Blankets | Safari Mink Blankets | Plain and Embossed Mink Blankets | Relief Blankets | single-Ply Mink Blankets | Baby Mink Blankets | Fleece Blankets | Spa Blankets | Corel Blankets| Defense Blankets |Hotel Blankets, etc.

Our collections of elegant blankets are the perfect match to the contemporary room decor .These blankets are luxuriously soft & are cozy to the core. The subtle colour schemes give these blankets a rich look.

Tijaria’s major strength lies in its superior quality, creative design capabilities & ability to provide effective customer service .These strengths are the important pillars which makes us a globally competitive company able to export our products to selected markets around the world.


220 x 240 2.5 Kgs Double Bed
160 x 220 1.5Kgs Single Bed
220 x 240 3 Kgs Double Bed
160 x 220 2Kgs Single Bed
220 x 240 3.8 Kgs Double Bed
160 x 220 2.5 Kgs Single Bed
220 x 240 5 Kgs Double Bed
160 x 220 3.5 Kgs Single Bed
220 x 240 7 Kgs Double Bed
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