Olive Tea – From The Lands Of Sands

The forts, lakes, and palaces decked up in those motifs of flowers and animals, the elaborate attires in rich, divergent hues, the flock of pigeons that settles at the domes and chhatris – all of these are symbolic of Rajasthan and the aesthetic pleasure it offers, but this is not all the land of Rajputs is about. Rajasthan has now…

Ek Chai – Thoda  Hatke At Oliria’s

We as Indians boast of – A HEART THAT BEATS FOR TEA. From China to Japan to India, tea is not just a beverage, it is an emotion. For some of us, the mere thought of starting the day without a cup of ‘chai’ seems revolting. This concoction of milk, water, and tea leaves may seem to be an indispensable…

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