1. Can we drink Olive tea with milk?

NO, olive tea must be consumed with only water.

2. Can we drink olive tea on an empty stomach?

Yes, you can have olive tea empty stomach and after any meal, every time is olive tea time.

3. How many cups can we have in a day?

You should not have more than 2 to 3 cups of olive tea in a day.

4. Is olive tea good for Blood Pressure Patients?

Yes, olive tea is actually beneficial for people with high blood pressure, but it is NOT RECOMMENDED for people suffering from low blood pressure.

5. Do we need to add any sweetener in olive tea?

It’s preferable not to add any sweetener as it’s naturally sweetened with STEVIA.

6. Does Olive Tea cure diseases?

Yes, Olive Tea is very beneficial for controlling diabetes and high blood pressure. Also, it prevents growth of cancer cells.

7. Is olive tea better than green tea and if it is then how?

Yes, Olive tea is better than green tea as it has two times more anti-oxidants than green tea.

8. Does Oliria add any essence to Olive Tea?

NO. Oliria olive tea is made with 100% natural ingredients.

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