Here’s What Your Favorite Olive Tea flavour Says About Your Personality

Here’s What Your Favorite Olive Tea flavour Says About Your Personality

Your choice in tea speaks volume about your personality, but since you are reading this blog, we assume that your tea of choice is Oliria olive herbal tea which tells us that you care about yourself, value your self-worth, and treat your body like a temple.

Oliria olive tea comes in more than just one flavour and each flavour gives olive herbal tea an entirely new definition. Which flavour of olive herbal tea you prefer says a lot about you and your personality. Let us dive deep in the world of olives and find what it has to say about us.

  • Natural Olive

If natural olive is your choice of Oliria olive herbal tea, then there is a chance that you are a square peg in the world of rounds, and you appreciate everything around you. You are the type of person who likes to stop and smell the roses. You take in the beauty of the colour changing leaves. Exercise is probably something you enjoy and try to make time for a few days a week, if not every day. You know a lot about a lot of different things, whether it be book smarts or street smarts, you have both.

  • Basil Olive

If basil olive is your choice of Oliria olive herbal tea, then maybe you are quite laid back when it comes to things but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t reliable. You would rather do things at your own pace than rush through everything. Just like how Basil olive tea has soothing properties, you too can make others feel assured and calm in your presence. You are always there when somebody needs you. It is the ultimate tea for relieving stress, just how you keep yours at bay and make others forget theirs.

  • Lemongrass olive

If lemongrass olive is your choice of olive herbal tea then chances are that you have a vibrant personality and everyone likes to be in your company. You emit positive vibes in abundance and are always the life of every par(tea). You are versatile just like your tea of choice and you know when to be robust and charming and when to be understanding and calm.

  • Mint olive

Mint olive tea offers everything that natural olive herbal tea offers with its exciting zing of mint. Its complex flavour represents your thoughtfulness. You’re always thinking of new things and creating stories in your head. Mint olive herbal tea is a little out of the box, as your creative side. You’re an original and can’t be copied by anything or anyone else. You know that a cup of peppermint tea in the fall and winter is the way to go, especially when curling up with a fiction novel.

  • Rose olive

Rose olive tea may not be the first type of hot tea most people think of when they think about tea but if you are not one of them and love Oliria rose olive tea then there is a chance that you might have knowledge of what’s going on in the world, and people seem to think you’re well-travelled, even if you’ve been to just a few places. You’re curious to see the rest of the world too and try new things. You like to write about your experiences and pen down your thoughts every now and then. You have a certain respect for literature and love to read. If rose olive herbal tea is your tea, you know there’s so much in the world to see and know.

Now you must be aware what your favourite flavour of olive herbal tea says about you, and we are pretty sure that it describes you well, if not to point. In the end what matters is that you are responsible enough to care about yourself, as you have made the right decision of choosing olive tea over all the other available teas.

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