How Are Olive Trees Grown?

How Are Olive Trees Grown?

Trees are the most beautiful living creatures. Trees are amazing; We breathe the air they have created they give us food that we eat and medicines that cure our diseases.

Different types of trees have different benefits, and each tree serves its purpose. The olive tree carries the purpose of creating leaves and fruits, which in turn helps Oliria make world’s first processed olive herbal tea.

Growing a tree is a tough job, it requires a lot of compassion, care and patience. There will be days when the weather is not the way you expected it to be, the weeds will just grow up, again and again, no matter how many times you pluck them out or a thousand other things can go wrong but if you handle the situation with love and care it all turns out okay.

Now as we all know that growing a tree is no cakewalk and it is the same for all the trees including Olive trees whose leaves are used to make your favourite Olira olive herbal tea. We are going to dig deep in the process of how olive trees are grown because ignorance might be bliss, but knowledge gives you power.


Olive trees require well-drained soil and a sunny position. We avoid sites where water stands during rainy periods or where groundwater seeps into a hole two feet deep. This does not mean that olive is a dessert plant. It needs regular watering to thrive. Insufficient water will cause the tree to suffer, and even die if left too dry for too long.


O.europaea is native to regions that have mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. These characteristics match the home town of Olira olive herbal tea, Rajasthan. Olive trees are tolerant of a wide variety of soils, including those with somewhat high clay content, as long as there is good drainage. We at Olira, plant a young tree in the fall which gives it a chance to become well-established. A well-established tree grows healthy fruits and leaves which are used in making your daily driver Oliria olive herbal tea.


Once established, olive trees are among the most drought-resistant trees in the world, but porous soils such as Rajasthan sand are very inefficient at retaining moisture; olive trees in sandy soils must be watered often. We water our trees sufficiently to get our trees established and thereafter as necessary during dry periods. There is no one solution to this problem, so we observed and came up with our method. Low volume spray irrigation can be used effectively, but drip irrigation is of little or no use in sandy soils.


An organically grown olive tea bears fruit in about 5 years of its plantation. Fruits are harvested when they are green in colour to ensure the highest medicinal properties. They are used to make Oliria olive herbal tea and all those medicinal properties make Olira olive herbal tea the best tea for health.

We here at Olira do not just care about the result of what we serve you, we also care about the process with which we reach our results. Olira created the world’s first processed olive herbal tea to offer you an infusion like never before. Our farms in Rajasthan give employment to over 50,000 families who work with full dedication to ensure you get nothing less than perfection in your cup of Olira olive herbal tea.

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