Olive Tea – From The Lands Of Sands

Olive Tea – From The Lands Of Sands

The forts, lakes, and palaces decked up in those motifs of flowers and animals, the elaborate attires in rich, divergent hues, the flock of pigeons that settles at the domes and chhatris – all of these are symbolic of Rajasthan and the aesthetic pleasure it offers, but this is not all the land of Rajputs is about.
Rajasthan has now started gaining popularity for something that is not traditional and has never been a part of its heritage – olive farming. Oliria – an olive tea company, is all set to reap the goodness of olive leaves for the inhabitants of the Pink City.
Padharo maare des – Welcoming Olives!

Welcome to Rajasthan. From laal maas to ker sangri, dal-bhaati-churma to Jal-jeera, the food is as alluring as the culture. This is how it has been for ages now, but what is new to the state is its very own olive farms and olive tea ventures.

Tucked away in a small, quiet village in the depths of Rajasthan stands a vast piece of land bearing olive trees. Post a visit to Israel, a team of experts found olive farming in Rajasthan viable and feasible, leading to the formation of ROCL (Rajasthan Olive Cultivation limited) which deals with the promotion of olive cultivation in the state.

With inspiration from Israel, the desert state has now been able to set up farms of this Mediterranean plant, and it is thriving. Olive is a commercially viable crop with 90% of its yield converted to oil and rest used as an exotic ingredient in cuisines.

Since times immemorial, the Greeks and the Romans have considered this fruit sacred and have used it in different forms such as oil, extracts, raw, and dried leaves for making tea.

Coincidentally, olives have a history that is as resplendent as that of Rajasthan. Fossils suggest that the presence of this fruit was first marked 20-40 million years ago and is emblematic of prosperity, peace, and spirituality.
However, no parallels can be drawn with its curative and therapeutic attributes.
The interesting part is that silvery-green oblong leaves of this plant, better known for peace preaching properties and ornamental nature are magical bundles of wellness. The extract from these leaves has immense medicinal value and is known to cure innumerable ailments.
Oliria – an Olive tea company in Jaipur is a pioneer in establishing the trade of olive tea in Rajasthan. Fresh handpicked leaves from the farms of the state are processed and packaged, with prowess by the finest masters of the craft of tea- making.
So, get ready to – STEEP, SIMMER and SIP, the olive tea elixir.


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