Gifts You Can Give Your Sister This Rakshabandhan If She Is In Love With Nature

Gifts You Can Give Your Sister This Rakshabandhan If She Is In Love With Nature

However crazy a sister is and how much ever a brother teases his sister, the love they share is beyond expressions. While they keep irritating each other all the time, they have immense love and respect towards each other and even though they don’t show it, their protective nature and the silly nokh-jhok says it all. Though a bro-sis duo tries its best to hide their affections for each other, it is on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan that the two opposites come together to flaunt their bond.

The Rakhi that a sister ties on the hand of her brother is not just a piece of thread but a symbol of love, respect and a promise that no matter what, her brother will always keep her guarded and secure no matter what happens. The brother gives his sister a beautiful present in exchange for the Rakhi.
Now picking that gift can be hard especially if your sister is in love with nature because then the generic clothes and makeup won’t live up to her expectations. The gift needs to be just perfect and must have some value for the sister. So, to make this decision easy for you we have penned down 3 gifts that you can give your sister if she is in love with nature, this Rakshabandhan to make it all the more memorable.

  • Lucky bamboo plant

The Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment is the art of Feng Shui and Lucky Bamboo is a plant that profusely propagates this theory. Placing Lucky Bamboo plants in various positions in your house draws positive energies to your home, thus, making you prosperous. A balance of the five elements fire, water, earth, air, and ether or sky or spirit is necessary to grow in life and lucky bamboo helps us achieve that.

Gift your sister the two stalks lucky bamboo plant which is said to double every good thing in life. Let her know you care for her and are thoughtful enough to buy her a gift that she will love.

  • Oliria olive tea

This is no mystery that olive leaves and olive leaves extract can do wonders to our health and tea is the most beloved beverage in our country. This rakshabandhan gift your sister a pack of Olira olive herbal tea which is the world’s first processed olive herbal tea. A set of Oliria olive tea will show your care and protection towards your sister, which is perfectly in line with the spirit of Rakshabandhan.

Oliria olive herbal tea comes in a lot of exciting flavours including basil olive, rose olive, mint olive, and lemongrass olive, choose the one you think your sister will like the most. If you are confused as to which flavour to buy, Oliria has a solution for that too with their multi-flavoured pack which contains a pack of all these flavours. This Rakshabandhan gift your sister the elixir of life. You can get Oliria olive herbal tea at

  • Organic make up

Most girls love makeup, even the prettiest ones. Organic makeup is a great gift to go if you have a sister who believes in being eco-friendly. This way each time she wears it, she will think of you. Do not forget to make sure that the makeup kit has her favourite lipstick and eye shadow. An organic makeup kit will make her day very memorable.

At the end of the day, it is the feeling that matters, not the gift. Your sister will love whatever you gift her because rakshabandhan is about the bond you share and not the gift. None the less, a good gift can make her day more memorable. A very happy Rakshabandhan to everyone.

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