Your favourite olive tea comes in more than just one flavour

Your favourite olive tea comes in more than just one flavour

Olive tea is the new kid on the block, who is smarter and good looking and with a lot more potential than any other kid. While olive tea might be the new talk of the town, the use of live leaves and olive leaf extract dates back to the time when pyramids were made.

Olive leaves have been used for centuries to treat the diseases like cough and cold, which at that point were believed to be incurable and life-taking diseases.

Historically, olive leaves are known as a symbol of peace, so it is not surprising that olive leaf tea provides a soothing, relaxing, gently mellow herbal brew that evokes a sense of wellbeing and Oiria, World’s first processed olive herbal tea brings this experience in a lot of interesting flavours.

Here are the flavours in which you can enjoy Oliria olive herbal tea with all the health benefits intact:

  • Natural Olive

The standard flavour of Oliria herbal tea, with its crystalline golden-yellow colour infusion with a very smooth taste and no such astringency or bitterness. Natural olive herbal tea is for all the people who want to enjoy the freshness of the olive herbal tea just the way God intended to. The sweet aroma of olives will wake your senses up, make your body tingle and heart happy.

  • Basil Olive

The contemporary world moves so fast that people rarely have time for their family let alone themselves. This fast pacing life can be stressful at times and it’s important to tackle it in the healthiest way possible. Holy basil olive herbal tea is your solution from this fast life. Basil leaves have been used in Ayurvedic medicine from inception to relive stress and tackle anxiety. Basil olive herbal tea is anti-inflammatory, rich in antioxidants, diabetes management, and supports liver function.

  • Lemongrass Olive

One of the best things about olive herbal tea is that it does not contain caffeine, which means it can be the last thing you have before you go to bed and still it won’t be the reason of your sleepless night, on the contrary, it can help you sleep like a baby. Lemongrass olive herbal tea gives you relief from insomnia and helps you sleep at the right time and a lot better. Lemongrass is also called an aromatic healer, as it is one of the key ingredients in aromatherapy, so with Lemongrass olive herbal tea, the power of aromatherapy will be in the palm of your hands.

  • Mint Olive

Mint is a very popular herb and has been used for centuries not just for its refreshing taste but also for its health benefits, as it has the highest capacity of holding antioxidants, which detoxifies our body. Mint olive herbal tea is amazing for mothers with newborn babies and first-time mothers as it reverses the damage done to nipples while breastfeeding. Morning bad breath is a problem for a lot of people, but the good thing is that it can be taken care of with just one cup of Mint olive herbal tea every morning.

  • Rose olive

Rose olive herbal tea is what we came up with when we were thinking outside the box. It has a fragrance that will make you feel that you are in a rose garden on a sunny but pleasant day. It is delicate in texture and delicious in taste. Each one of us has a biological clock inside of us which has been disrupted because of our crazy sleep schedule and unmanaged work ethic, Rose olive herbal tea helps us by regulating our sleep. It also eases menstrual pain in women.

Olira, World’s first processed herbal green tea is not just tea, it is elixir which will give you, your skin glow back, it will put you back in line with your health, keep your heart healthy and a lot more and it will do all this in different flavours just choose the one you like and if you can’t decide Oliria, World’s first processed olive herbal tea has a solution for you with its multi-flavoured pack which includes all the flavours ranging from immunity basil, soul lemongrass, refreshing mint to aroma rose.

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