IS: 16098 (Part-2):2013

HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Structured-Wall Pipes

HDPE Structured-WallPlastics Piping Systems WithNon -Smooth ExternalSurface (Type-B) with hollow annular profiled outer surface & a smooth inner surface for Non- Pressure Underground Drainage and Sewerage .

MATERIAL : The base raw material being used for the manufacturing of Structured-Wall Plastics Piping System with non smooth external surface (Type-B) is Polyethylene (PE).

SPECIFICATION : The Structured -Wall Plastics Piping System & Fitting conforming to IS:16098 (Part-2): 2013 with latest amendment with or without integral socket and with elastomeric sealing ring joints (as per IS: 5328-2985) as wellas welded or fused joints.

PRODUCT RANGE : TIJARIA HDPE Structured -Wall Pipes with non smooth externalsurface (Type-B) are available in size from 75 mm to 500 mm inNominal ring stiffness (SN) class SN-4,SN-8 & SN-16.


  • Sewerage/Storm Water Drainage.
  • Effluents disposal & Industrial Drainage.
  • Highway & Busy Roads Drainage.
  • City & Urban clusters.
  • Sewerage Treatment Plants (STPs).
  • Urban Sewerage Rehabilitation.
  • Surface & Sub-Surface Drainage.
  • Storm/Flood Water I Waste Management & Culverts I Pavements drainage.
  • Drainage & Sewerage in Buildings I Housing Complex I Town Ships I Cantonments I Airport I Hospitals.


Due to its unique design,the pipes have following Advantages :

  • Maximum load bearing strength.
  • Available in different colors i.e Grey, Orange, Brown & Black on demand.
  • Chemica,l Corrosion resistant & highly resistant to abrasion.
  • Strong silt tight & water tight joints helps what stay inside the pipe, inside & what outside stay's outside.
  • HDPE corrugated pipe is light, tough and is manufactured in long lengths. This adds up to significant potential for installation cost savings.


  • Ministry of Urban Development.
  • County & Town Planners.
  • MP Urban Development Authority.
  • Military Engineering Services (MES).
  • Mumbai Municipal Corporation.
  • Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran (MJP).
  • Maharashtra Housing Development Board (MAHADA) .
  • Naya Raipur Development Authority (NRDA).
  • National Highway Authority of India (NHAI- IRC).
  • Gujarat Water Suppyl and Sewerage Boards (GWSSB).
  • Rajasthan Urban Development Investment Program (RUDIP).
  • Delhi Jal Board (DJB).
  • Already being used by Major Township builder throughout the country .
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